Forms and Agreements

Chart of Accounts for Contractors

Provides a recommended list of Income and Cost of Goods Sold which separate product by category and labor by phase. Also includes recommended QuickBooks labor and payroll items that map the project information to the corresponding Income and Cost of Goods Sold accounts

  • Price: $85.00

Client Contract

States performance parameters and sets expectations for general scope of work, design and engineering, travel expense, change order policy, Company/Manufacturer warranty, description of construction phases, insurance provided, breach of contract, and payment schedule (3 pages)

  • Price: $150.00

Employee Handbook for Contractors

SStates general rules of conduct, safety guidelines, appearance, work hours, overtime, breaks, vacation, pay periods, probation period, performance standards, disciplinary procedures, medical disclosure, company property (24 pages)

  • Price: $250.00

Employee Non-compete/Non-disclosure

Defines what is confidential information, duration of agreement, lists prohibitive activity and remedies for breach of agreement

  • Price: $125.00